We were welcomed to Australia by an immigration officer at the Sydney airport. He said, “There are six things you need to know about Australia. The first, if you see a snake, it’s poisonous and will kill you. The second, if you see a spider, it’s poisonous and will kill you. Third, if you see jellyfish, they are poisonous and will kill you. Tiny purple octopus, same thing. The last two things I’ll let you figure out.” Unfortunately, Nick, Larry, Kaitlin and I were never able to figure out his last two points, but luckily we weren’t killed by poison.

Flying from NZ back to the East Coast consisted of flying to Australia, Hawaii, Vegas, and Minneapolis to Dulles. Thus, we decided if we had to fly through Australia we should extend our layover. This gave us 9 days to explore the enormous country. Sydney was a modern, clean and hip city. It’s tall skyscrapers and bay front downtown reminded Nick and I of Singapore. Although we loved New Town, a young and trendy neighborhood, I realized my previous fascination with hip cities had faded. It seemed to lack the history and culture smaller cities like Dunedin in New Zealand maintained. Around Sydney, we spent time exploring the famous opera house, which was actually compiled of three small separate buildings. We ate some delicious food and visited with our friend Faye, that Nick and I spent 2 weeks with in Mongolia. While I went to work with Faye; Nick, Larry, and Kaitlin bowled on the beach and walked along the coast from Bondi and Bronte.

FullSizeRender 159
Sydney Opera House

FullSizeRender 155

We rented a car and left Sydney to road trip towards Melbourne. The highlight of the road trip was ocean pools an hour outside of Sydney. Known for the figure 8 pool, these pools were created from the ocean waves crashing on limestone. The crystal clear water was beautiful, and cold. As we left, another guy entered the pool and a huge wave crashed over the rocks. He was lost underwater and his friends were also pushed down under the wave. Everyone was fine but it was a reminder of the waters strength.

FullSizeRender 162
Figure 8 Pool

FullSizeRender 154


We spent the next few nights camping and days hiking to various view points. We hiked along the coast at Hicks’s point and enjoyed secluded beaches. Every evening, around dusk, thousands of kangaroos hopped around the surrounding fields and we had to avoid them on the road. We eventually left the coast and drove through the outback. This dry landscape was my favorite. The gold fields were dotted with sheep and cattle and rolling hills for as far as the eye could see.

FullSizeRender 160
Hiking the coast at Hick’s Point
FullSizeRender 161
Nick loves taking photos of me after an argument

We returned our car and took a 12 hour train to Melbourne. We CouchSurfed on the 47th floor of the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Sleeping next to clear glass walls that overlooked the city and barbecuing on the balcony we felt extremely fortunate. Our host was extremely interesting and we spent time philosophizing, taking photos (as he is a photographer) and visiting the pub downstairs. It was an extremely unique experience and an exciting place to spend our last 2 nights traveling.

FullSizeRender 157
Queen Victoria Market Street Art
FullSizeRender 158
FullSizeRender 156
View from our CouchSurfing’s apartment (47th floor)


This trip has been amazing and Nick and I were sad to be leaving. Thankfully, we had 36 hours of transit to reflect before surprising my folks in PA!


Messina (Sydney) – gelato (the lychee coconut was amazing!)

Lentils As Anything (Sydney) – a nonprofit volunteer run restaurant with delicious food and pay by donation

Queen Victoria Market (Melbourne) – an enormous meat, cheese, honey, spice, produce and chotchkie market.


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