North Island

Arriving in Auckland, NZ was a big change. After traveling in South Asia for 9 months, we had become accustomed to the disorganized traffic, warm weather and cheap eats. Immediately upon arriving I changed from my flip flops and shorts to boots and pants. Stacia and Larry’s boots along with our tent had to be thoroughly cleaned in a lab before being allowed through biosecurity. We were quickly picked up by Lucky Rentals and given our new home, a 2005 converted Toyota Hiace campervan. With two double beds, stovetop, sink and fridge, this was the perfect NZ road trip machine. After stocking up on groceries, we walked around Auckland and enjoyed the view from One Tree Hill. Auckland was a manicured, green, and surprisingly large city. To escape expensive accommodations, we left town and freedom camped (parking in unpopulated areas) on the way to Hamilton. The night was a surprisingly warm 42 degrees.

In the morning, we explored the Hamilton gardens which was repurposed from an old landfill and represented a dozen countries. Their was a Japanese, Chinese, and Indian garden, all of which well represented the gardens Stacia and I have seen on our travels. Hamilton was one of a half dozen small quaint towns we drove through with many coffee shops and small markets on the way to Waitomo. Waitomo is one of a handful of places in NZ you can see glow worms. We spent 45 minutes exploring a cave, culminating in a boat ride under thousands of luminescent worms. After the caves, we took a scenic drive passing caves, a natural rock bridge and waterfalls to camp on the west coast.

FullSizeRender 120
Ngaru Pupu Point

FullSizeRender 113

FullSizeRender 105

In the morning, we explored a beautiful black sand beach connected to our camp by a 100 meter pedestrian tunnel. After walking the beach and making our feet thoroughly numb we drove the 3 hours to Lake Taupo. This lake is a hotspot of geologic activity. A geothermal and hydropower site produces %15 of the electricity for the entire country. We spent the afternoon bathing in a hot stream and viewing the Huka Falls.


FullSizeRender 131.jpg

We woke up early at the base of Mt. Ngauruhoe to hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This popular day hike enjoys views of a apocalyptic volcanic landscape over 20 km. We stoped to enjoy views of Tongariro National Park, the emerald lakes and various craters. After hiking, we started our drive to Wellington which zig zagged through lush green farm land dotted by sheep.

FullSizeRender 123
Emerald Lakesa

FullSizeRender 112

FullSizeRender 133

The next day, we drove directly to Mt. Victoria to enjoy views of Wellington before going to the Te Papa Museum. Larry and Kaitlin enjoyed a day at some wineries near Wellington while Stacia and I did some work at a coffee shop. We camped on the coast south of the city.

FullSizeRender 118

The following day, we woke up early to take the interislander ferry to the South Island. This was by far the most beautiful ferry I have ever taken, moving from open ocean to a mountain lined bay on the way to Picton. The ship resembled more of a cruise ship then cargo ferry. We were eager to explore the South Island.

FullSizeRender 109


First impressions:
– Wellington is a less crazy version of San Francisco
– New Zealand is a more organized version of the States
– Unlike the U.S. the cops are no where to be found
– Free public restrooms can be found on every block
– Most towns offer free wifi
– Freedom camping is easily accessible

– meat pie
– Fish and chips
– Feijoa
– Vegimite
– Flat white
– Yams
– Kumara

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