World Vets

Nick and I decided to take a 5 day break from Vietnam to help Winnie (Nick’s mom) with a World Vet clinic in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although we have no veterinary background, we’ve helped with 2 previous clinics and hopped we could lend some helping hands. World Vets is a non-profit that offers free spay and neuter surgeries and medical consults to animals around the world.



This World Vets team consisted of a head vet (Winnie), induction team, surgeons and recovery team. As part of recovery, Nick and I gave injections to each animal (pain killer, antibiotic and anesthesia reversal for cats), fed a dewormer and provided flee and tick medicine. We monitored the animals as they woke up and made sure they recovered well. For those that did not, we gave them liquids through their iv catheter and gave honey to boost blood sugar levels. Like the previous clinics, it was chaotic, hot and hard work but extremely rewarding. Over the course of 3 days, 221 surgeries and 181 consultations were completed. We had a blast spending time with the locals and felt so much support from the community. In addition, it was a hoot seeing the majority of animals arrive on motorbikes and tuk tuks.

221 surgeries and 181 consultations in 3 days





Srey Mom, a 12 year old with the Green Gecko Project doing a great job helping in recovery!


This clinic location was extremely unique. Nick and I previously worked in Nicaragua and Roatan where the clinics were held in an abandoned police station and small church. However, in Siem Reap the clinic was located in an open air Theravada Buddhist temple next to a crematorium. Each day we watched a parade of monks and loved ones walk their deceased to the temple. They prayed and held a ceremony then burned the body. This was an extremely interesting cultural experience that we were lucky to be a part of. We had a blast getting a taste of Cambodia and it was so nice to see some familiar faces (Winnie, Heather and Sally)! Now Nick and I are headed back to Vietnam to finish exploring the south! Stay tuned!

Monks preforming the last right
Funeral ceremony
Buddhist Crematorium
Siem Reap’s Crematorium

One thought on “World Vets

  1. What a marvelous experience, I am really enjoying all your posts. Thanks for sharing. Be safe and continue living your dream.
    Sue Fankhanel (Esther’s friend)

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