Shanghai Shenanigans

Maglev – This is the fastest train on earth. We were able to cut a 45 minute train ride to 8 minutes by taking this magnetic levitation train. We hit 180 mph (300 km/hr) and it only cost 50 yuan (~$8). On the weekend they run it at “top speed” which is 400-600 km/hr. A must do in Shanghai; it saves time, is cheap and is very simple out of the airport. *So maybe not the most flattering photo haha but at least you can see our speed, 301 km/ 187 mph.


Lu bo Lang restaurant and the Yuyuan Garden – Great dim sum restaurant just before the entrance to the Yuyuan Garden. There are many great dishes but the room temp spare ribs were definitely a highlight along with the water crest soup. At this point in the trip we have seen some gardens and great architecture but this was above and beyond. Every single corner was immaculately done. There were pebble lined walkways with matching stones, highlighted by carved walls with wooden statued Windows. One of the most impressive to me were the natural root furniture and rock art.



Shanghai   Museum – Usually when you go to a museum in the states you might cover 400 years of history on one subject, at most. However, this museum covered over 5000 years at times, with specialized exhibits in ancient Chinese bronze, paints, seals, jade, currency and dress. We spent just an hour an a half here but could have spent a full day with time. If you enjoy any of these subjects or museums in general I highly suggest dedicating the time.

buddha 2
Thousand Buddhist Stele, A.D. 557 – 581

Bund – Although crowded we lucked our with our first truly clear day and a great view of the world’s second to largest building.


Explore – On our last night in Shanghai we decided to explore the “real” city. We ended up in the Laoximen residential district, waking past old women doing tai chi, a commercial movie set and many less crowded streets. We stumbled apron a local restaurant that looked very clean and had a very nice young man order some delicious noodles. Three meals, dumplings and drinks cost 68 yuan (~$10). Don’t be afraid to check out the less touristy areas just be mindful of your surroundings!






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